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Microsoft is finally preparing to roll out its latest update to Dynamics 365, and it has a lot of great features that customers have been clamoring for for years. Microsoft is holding true to their mission statement of “empowering every person and organization on this planet to achieve more.”   With so many great new features available as part of the July 2017 update, it’s hard to choose, but here are a few of our favorite new features in Dynamics 365 2017 July Update.

Multi-Select Option Sets

Multi-Select Option sets have been among the most requested features. This new feature allows you to create an option set and defines that multiple selections can be made. The chosen values are stored in the field and can be used for reporting and many other scenarios. No longer will companies have to use the common hack of creating multiple checkboxes to simulate a multi-select. Checking this improvement off the wishlist goes a long way to improving Dynamics 365.

Unified Client Interface

This new interface is much easier to access and maneuver than before and takes a mobile-first approach. Phone, tablet, and the web will all look more consistent. Among the improvements are:

  • more professional looking dashboards
  • less white space, shading of section headings
  • updated theming capabilities (as we demonstrated in our pumpkin spice blog article) Almost any part of Dynamics 365 can be customized.
  • borders around containers
  • font standardization
  • uniform spacing
  • enhanced grids

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The July 2017 includes the ability to license update provides the capability to view data for leads, contacts, and accounts from one location. You will also have the ability to quickly access company and contact profile data as well as tracking inMail messages, tasks, and appointments. There are also widgets for Dynamics 365 embedded including information such as best contacts to connect with, mutual connections that can facilitate introductions, and recommended potential leads. You will also have the ability to sync your Dynamics 365 account to suggested leads.

Improved Business Flows

Along with the Unified Client Interface, we also see some enhancements to business process flows, You will now have the capability to custom actions with user input and initiate Microsoft Flows. The stages in a business process flow can now be displayed in docked or floating mode.  The stages of the Business process flow will be more easily visible, as they will be laid out in a vertical layout rather than a horizontal one.

In Conclusion

Obviously, there are a lot of great new features coming out with the July 2017 Dynamics 365 Release.  You need to spend some time looking at all the upcoming features.  We have tried to highlight some of the few we feel will impact you the most.

To learn more about how Dynamics 365 CRM can help innovate and change the way you do business, contact the experts at enCloud9. We have helped many businesses to implement Dynamics 365. We’d love to talk with you and learn about your company, their needs, and how we can help you increase your company’s productivity and efficiency. Call us today at 1-844-264-0729.

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