3 New Microsoft Dynamics 365 Features We’re Excited About

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Microsoft has recently made available its latest update for Microsoft Dynamics 365, which comes with a host of new features and enhancements. Many improvements and functionalities have been added to existing features, while new applications have also been made available to take your business even further.

While we’ve recently written about Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent, an application specifically designed for the management of human resources, here are 3 other new features that we at JOVACO Solutions are most excited about:


1. Microsoft Relationship Sales

This is a joint solution provided by Microsoft and LinkedIn, which brings together LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise Edition through deeper integration. It allows users to view and synchronize LinkedIn data for Leads, Accounts, and Contacts, as well as quickly track company and profile data, appointments and messages from within Dynamics 365. By centralizing all this information, the solution makes it possible to build stronger relationships with clients and buyers, while also improving productivity.


2. Multi-Select Option Sets

This may seem like a simple, basic functionality, but we’re really excited about this one. This new feature allows you to add simple, intuitive multi-select option sets on forms. The list is searchable, allowing users to quickly access the items they want, and then simply click their checkbox to select them. This makes it possible to better target customers, for instance, and identify them based on the criteria available in the set. Many practical uses can be applied to this seemingly simple feature, such as improving searches and customer targeting.


3. Unified Interface

All products under Microsoft Dynamics 365 will now use the same unified interface. Not only does this make it look sleeker, it also ensures that users can complete all their activities and tasks from one familiar and user-friendly interface. This of course improves productivity and increases user adoption rates by facilitating operations and tasks. Both mobile and desktop apps also use the same responsive UI across all devices, ensuring an intuitive, familiar environment wherever users are working from.


Of course, several other features have become available with the new update, including the new Microsoft Dynamics for Retail solution, designed to meet the specific needs of retailers. An activity timeline also displays activities and posts into a single feed, while optimized business process flows, enhanced customer insights and an updated Web client improve operations and client interactions. In short, we’re excited about this new iteration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and are looking forward to making the most of it.


By JOVACO Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 specialist in Quebec

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