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You’ve worked hard to attract customers to your business, but in order to maintain their loyalty and keep them coming back again and again, you need to do more than just know who they are. Digital transformation, the art of combining the latest technology with proven business practices, can help you truly engage with your customers. Digital transformation lets you use the data you gather to:

  • Enhance customer experiences with personalized interactions from consideration to purchase.
  • Give agents the information they need to deliver faster, more consistent service and proactively address issues.
  • Act on your data to anticipate and respond quickly to trends impacting your customers, your business and market demands.

Here’s an example of how it has worked for one client, a medical care clinic serving an ethnically diverse community. By implementing a CRM system with up-to-date workflows, they are able to:

  • Send automated, language-appropriate appointment notifications to patients and notify the physician if an interpreter is needed for an appointment.
  • Trigger notifications of significant events (reschedule, cancellation, no-show, etc.) to all parties.
  • Send patients a post-appointment survey to rate their experience with the facility.

Perhaps digital transformation could work for your business in ways you have not yet explored. Contributing members of the ERP/CRM/ERPCloud Software Blogs have put together a white paper: What the Heck is Digital Transformation and What Does It Mean for Your Business?. Read 6 more real life experiences of how digital transformation is working in unique ways to enhance business processes.

Download now and feel free to contact our expert authors listed at the bottom of the white paper for suggestions about how digital transformation can help you better engage with your valuable customers.

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