Microsoft Dynamics 365’s CRM helps gain customer understanding

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Microsoft Dynamics 365’s CRM offering gives a wide range of businesses the ability to understand customer data at a deeper and more complete level than legacy systems. The wide-ranging benefits offered by Dynamics 365’s CRM components are exemplified in how the CRM solution helped the National Basketball League's Portland Trail Blazers create deeper connections with fans and boost a number of core metrics. With the software solution in place, the team saw a high level of average stadium occupancy, strong retention of season-ticket holders and sellouts for the vast majority of its home games in the season following implementation.

While sports teams are unique business entities, they share some very pertinent concerns with many other organizations - especially those that rely on customer relationships to continue operations. The development of high-definition TVs and near-instantaneous digital transmission of a variety of team and game information encourages fans to stay at home. There are some easy parallels to draw between that situation and the growth of eCommerce giving customers the opportunity to engage with more businesses from home - and how CRM solutions can help in both situations. The TM Group examined how Dynamics 365 helped the Trail Blazers maintain market relevance in a recent blog post.

By The TM Group

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