Learn how to convert website visitors into customers with Dynamics 365

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Did you know that less than 12% of visitors to your website take any action? How do you leverage website visit data to engage with visitors and drive conversions? Join us to learn how.

Most visitors to your website have an interest in your products/services or they wouldn't be visiting in the first place. If you are not using website visitor data in your marketing & sales efforts you are missing significant opportunity.

There are a number of ways to integrate your website with Dynamics 365 to convert visits to customers. During this informative webinar we will review the options for integrating your website with Dynamics 365.We will also demonstrate how to create a closed-loop process for harvesting website visitor intelligence and applying a sales process in Dynamics 365 to assure action is taken.

All attendees will receive "Top Productivity Hacks", a valuable whitepaper with the top hacks used by some of the most successful business owners across the globe.

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This free training is brought to you by Sträva Technology Group. We help businesses evaluate, plan, implement & support Dynamics 365 solutions. More information - www.stravatechgroup.com

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