5 ways CRM can improve employee performance

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If your employees' productivity has dropped off, you need to fix the situation immediately because these problems typically don't resolve themselves. A CRM solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales can help this issue.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service is a robust CRM (customer relationship management) tool that can solve a number of office problems that directly impact your employees' productivity. Here are five ways this CRM can improve employee performance:

  1. Strengthens communication: Managers can access a greater amount of accurate information, which provides depth to their presentations and meetings. This CRM solution can also dissolve office silos.
  2. Increased solution integration: Microsoft Dynamics 365 can sync with Microsoft Outlook, allowing employees to integrate their contacts, calendars and tasks into the CRM platform. This improves performance because employees don't have to waste time flipping back and forth between programs.
  3. Boosted flexibility: Companies are beginning to adopt wearable solutions and allow employees to bring their own devices to work. Both can be hooked up to a CRM solution, allowing employees to access the system even outside the office.
  4. Enhances intranet and internal marketing: Brand champions are formed when companies market themselves internally to employees. With more data available, managers can build out their intranet and other internal communication offerings.
  5. Improves accountability: Because all data is stored in one platform, managers have greater access to employee-focused statistics, such as sales information or emails.

To learn more, read The TM Group's recent blog:http://www.tmgroupinc.com/blog/5-ways-crm-can-help-companies-increase-employee-performance/

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