What's new in ClickDimensions?

The ClickDimensions team is always hard at work improving and enhancing its marketing automation software for Dyanmics 365 CRM. They are now releasing updates on an accelerated monthly cycle (previously updates were released every quarter). To stay informed about the what to expect over the next serval months, ClickDimensions has published a public roadmap for customers, partners and prospects. If you use ClickDimensions, we'd recommend that you book mark the roadmap and visit it occasionally. You can also sign up here for ClickDimensions Product Updates and New Releases.

Here are 5 of our favorite upcoming features in ClickDimensions:

  1. Social- We are very excited about all the new features that will be available in the area of Social. Social Media integration is an important aspect of business today.  ClickDimensions realizes that and will be adding many new features.
    • More Social Posting- In addition to Facebook, post updates to other social networks (Twitter, etc.) Previously, there was a Facebook connector for ClickDimensions that allowed users yo create social posts to Facebook from within your CRM environment.  Soon, you will have the ability to do this with other social networks.
    • Social Engagement- Advanced social marketing tools including social listening, media management, social analytics, editorial calendar and more! I am particularly interested to see the editorial calendar.  ClickDimensions is constantly making changes to make us more productive.
  2. Scoring- There are several updates coming to Lead and Contact Scoring.
    • Score Degredation
      • The intelligence gathered by ClickDimensions can be used to score your prospects’ interest in your products/services. Your sales team can quickly and easily determine which leads to pursue- based on this lead score. Now lead scores will be lowered over time if there is no interaction detected, making it even easier on your sales team.
    • Scoring on More Events
      • ClickDimensions makes it easy to determine a prospect's interest with lead scoring option. You now have more activity options to use when generating lead scores.
    • Account Score Based on Sum of Contacts Scores
      • Most accounts have numerous contacts associated with it.  Before, you had the ability to create a lead score for a single contact.  You can now measure the sales-readiness of an account by measuring the cumulative scores of all contacts associated with that account. Determining what part of the sales process a particular customer/account is ready for just became really easy!
  3. Out of the Box Templates- Campaign Automation
    • Setting up campaign automations is quicker and easier than ever before!  You will be able to quickly setup a campaign automation using pre-built templates for a variety of scenarios.
  4. Out of the Box E-mail Templates
    • You still have the ability to create your own custom templates, but you will soonhave a plethora of pre-built templates to choose from.
  5. The Ability to Update Contacts/ Leads from a Campaign Automation
    • Soon an action can be created that will automatically update a field on the lead/contact’s CRM record- from a campaign automation. Previously, leads/contacts had to be updated with a workflow- so this is a handy update!

In conclusion

As you can see, there are some great new features available in ClickDimensions- and these are just a few. I strongly encourage you to visit the ClickDimensions Roadmap. Another very useful ClickDimensions resource is the ClickDimensions Help page. Here, you can find the answers to any ClickDimensions issue or question, contact one of their helpful support people, learn tips and tricks, sign up for training, and much more.

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