Rich Text in Word Templates Issue Resolved with Dynamics Docs

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When using Word Templates to create reports and documents from CRM records, and the data is populated from CRM records that have multiline text fields, there is an option, when adding an XML field, for Plain Text or Rich Text. The rich text option should preserve the formatting of the data as it is stored in CRM. Unfortunately, the rich text feature is currently not supported with CRM Documents. All you get is one long string of text and no formatting. The line breaks are stripped out.

This issue is resolved with Dynamics Docs.

Dynamics Docs can PDF Word Templates populated with fields from CRM records and the solution works for all CRM versions not just with CRM 2016 onward.

As an example we are using the OOB Opportunity which has some important multiline text boxes, such as Description, Current Situation, Pain Points, Proposed Solution and similar.

With Dynamics Docs the generated document looks like in the below image. The fields Description and Current Situation are rich text fields.

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