Microsoft Changes Dynamics 365 Plan Names

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As Microsoft tends to do whenever June rolls around, they start making numerous changes to product names, prices and offerings. All coinciding with Microsoft's fiscal year end and the expected release of the July Edition of Dynamics 365, Microsoft is changing the Plan Name for the following Dynamics 365 editions.

Effective July 1st the following Microsoft Dynamics 365, Enterprise edition offerings are being renamed:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations => Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Operations Plan
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Plan 1 => Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Plan 2 => Microsoft Dynamics 365 Plan

No info on price changes was announced at this time. Personally, I think these Plan Name changes are a good idea as the names more accurately reflect what is included with the purchase.

For more information on what is included as part of these plans, check out our blog entry explaining the differences between Apps and Plans. To purchase Dynamics 365 Licenses, of course, contact your Dynamics 365 professional team at enCloud9.

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