Pricing Fields Revert to the Nearest Whole Number

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Our team recently encountered an issue with pricing fields on one of our forms in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016. Two of the fields for invoice items would round to the nearest whole number when any field was updated and saved. The fields were “Amount” and “Extended Amount.”


pricing fields


Both fields have no calculations, plug ins or workflows associated with them. The data for the fields is brought over from another ERP system through Scribe integration. We tested this in our sandbox instance and our production environment with the same results. In addition, we created new items and changed the Precision on the fields to every option available and tested. We also input a test price list to try to fix it, but the problem persisted.



The form was completely recreated and all of the scripts associated with the form were removed, but the issue still occurred. I went into other organizations to see if this behavior was unique and found I could not recreate the issue in any other CRM instance. Furthermore, I compared the forms and could not find any differences.


I opened a case with Microsoft support. After testing and more research, he pinpointed the issue to a global setting. In system settings, there is a place that sets the currency precision that is used for pricing throughout the entire system. For this organization, it was set to “0” which caused our fields to round. I set it to 4 and the problem was resolved.


pricing fields


Hopefully this will assist anyone who runs into the same issue.


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