enCloud9’s Favorite 6 Upcoming Features in Dynamics 365

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If you are a fan of Microsoft Dynamics 365, keeping up on the future direction of the application is probably important to you. Microsoft has made it easy with the Microsoft Roadmap for Dynamics 365. Bookmark this frequently updated page and you will always have a quick and easy way to keep up with features that are planned over the next 6 to 18 months. Visit this roadmap occasionally, as they keep everything up to date on new features coming out- even before their release dates.  In looking at it today, here are the top 6 that I'm excited about.

  1. Customer Backup and Restore
    • As part of our trusted cloud investments, Dynamics 365 (online) customers will be able to do their own Dynamics 365 backups and restores to meet their business data recovery plans. Customers will be able to back up their Dynamics 365 database to Azure storage using a secure data transfer (not the public Internet). Customers will also be able to download and connect their backup to an on-premises environment. This feature provides several potential scenarios, including a local developer experience.
  2. LinkedIn Engagement and Acquisition
    • Monitoring of LinkedIn Company Pages owned by your company, and engagement on posts and comments from Company Pages.
  3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales
    • This integration enables organizations to improve the performance of their sales processes by taking advantage of the information richness available on LinkedIn's company and person public profiles:
      • Display Sales Navigator person and company information on every Dynamics 365 for Sales lead, contact, account and opportunity page
      • Automatically perform daily updates between systems so the accounts and contacts sales reps are actively working on in Dynamics 365 for Sales are saved to Sales Navigator. In addition, sales reps can see in Sales Navigator what people and companies are already saved in Dynamics 365 for Sales, and vice-versa
      • With a single click, write select Sales Navigator activities (InMails, messages, notes and call logs) to Dynamics 365 for Sales
  4. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms
    • The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms allows you to automatically sync leads captured on LinkedIn with your Dynamics 365 (online) organization so that your sales and marketing teams can develop and nurture them.
      • This connector will be available as a separate standalone solution which can be installed from AppSource optionally (if you have Dynamics 365 for Sales).
      • This connector will be bundled by default with Dynamics 365 for Marketing (Business Edition).
  5. Relationship Analytics
    • Stay on top of your relationships and uncover new ones.  Understand what is happening with your team’s relationship with the customer with relationship KPIs, activity history and relationship health.
  6. Prospect to cash integration of Dynamics 365 for Sales and Dynamics 365 for Operations
    • This solution leverages the strengths of the individual Dynamics 365 components and connects them via Common Data Service. While the data is flowing seamlessly between Dynamics 365 for Operations and Dynamics 365 for Sales, customers can carry out sales and marketing activities in Dynamics 365 for Sales and handle the order fulfillment with inventory management in Dynamics 365 for Operations. This solution provides powerful integration with a flexible solution and simplification of the integration process, without dependency on third-party solutions. These advancements offer the best of both worlds, each with significant productivity enhancements that help businesses and workers achieve more.

All of these updates will continue to transform how organizations use Dynamics 365 to manage Customer Engagement. Be sure to visit the Roadmap periodically to stay informed.

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