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We are pleased to release Dynamics SPO- SharePoint Organizer.

Dynamics SPO has two functions. In this post we describe the Email to SharePoint functionality.

The other function is an improvement on the CRM out of box integration with SharePoint (Read more about: #CRMfromMarsSPfromVenus )

Consider an organization selling IT projects or any organization that needs to upload many documents to SharePoint, at once.
If documents are stored in folders, it’s unlikely they will be found by SharePoint Users, unless they are organized using metadata / columns in the document library in SharePoint.

Email to SharePoint is a solution installed in Dynamics CRM (all versions). When configured, a CRM Queue is designated to receive Emails, (from any Email sender in the organization, not just CRM users), and the location in SharePoint where to save attachments of incoming Emails.

The most important function of Email to SharePoint is its ability to save metadata fields from the incoming Email, in SharePoint columns. There are 3 metadata fields saved in SharePoint columns:

  • Party related emails, if the email is part of email communication chain.
  • Filtered words from the body of the Email
  • The Email subject Line

If the incoming Email to the CRM Queue has more than one attachment, all attached documents are saved to SharePoint, using the same metadata, which helps SharePoint users finding related documents to one subject.

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