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Dynamics CRM integration with SharePoint- Can we do better?

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SharePoint and Dynamics CRM are excellent two standalone products.

Integrating Dynamics CRM with SharePoint is disappointing to say the least. It takes few clicks to integrate CRM and SharePoint, which creates folders in SharePoint, in the context of Dynamics CRM entities.

Uploading documents from CRM to SharePoint is cumbersome process. It creates cluttered and unorganized documents repository system, which does not help you finding your needed information. Documents and files are all over the place, stored in many folders, and with no content based metadata.

You deserve better than the out-of-the-box integration


The magic ISV solution is about to be released:

Dynamics SharePoint Organizer - (SPO)

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Download Integration Framework: CRM from Mars SP from Venus Integration Framework

Watch this video:


2 Responses to “Dynamics CRM integration with SharePoint- Can we do better?”

  1. Antony joseph ephrem says:

    Good Post, we’ve done similar developments at my firm Pupa Clic which can be found on our factory room page


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