Creating a Customer-Centric Culture in a Customer-Focused World

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“It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages.”

– Henry Ford

Creating Your Customer-Centric Culture

A recent conference on customer service and engagement shared principles that everyone can use to develop pro-customer organizations. The story is not necessarily one of revolution, but evolution.

Even though digital transformation is more about the customer than technology, putting your customers at the center of an organization requires technology. The customer story has many chapters—sales, marketing, customer service, field service, purchasing, billing, social engagement, etc. As each chapter is written, the typical problem is that vital information gets trapped in separate systems, emails, files and spreadsheets. You can’t read one chapter of a book and expect to understand the full story.

Customers always have looked for the best products or services, but now their buying decisions are increasingly based on who also will provide the best experience. How can your business improve customer engagement to increase satisfaction and value?

This is one reason why we at BKD are excited about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. We can help build a fully integrated, centralized platform for end-to-end customer management—for businesses of any size. It helps level the playing field for creating a customer-centric culture and elevating the customer experience. It has removed many barriers to competing on customer experience, particularly for small to midsize businesses.

Click here to read more, and watch our webinar, about how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement can help businesses of any size achieve excellence in customer service.

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