Offer Outstanding Customer Service Experiences with Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Having to contact support is hardly anyone’s idea of fun. However, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service provides all the tools needed for your organization to make the experience as smooth as possible for both your customers and agents. A customer service experience that exceeds expectations and honors your organization’s commitments will ensure your clients’ loyalty by setting you apart from your competitors. Dynamics 365 allows you to do just that.


Empower your clients with a self-service portal

First, Dynamics 365 for Service lessens the burden on your agents and increases the satisfaction of your clients by giving them access to a self-service portal, which allows them to find answers to their questions or attempt to resolve issues on their own. They will then know what steps to take next, if any, and whether their situation requires the involvement of your support team. This also frees up your queue for the clients that do need to get in touch with one of your support agents. Clients will also know in advance what information they should have on hand when contacting you, ensuring that agents quickly obtain all the details they require to address their concerns.


Have all the information you need on hand

From there, Dynamics 365 centralizes all client data and communications to ensure that your agents have everything they need to respond to queries. That way, clients don’t have to repeat information that they have already provided, even if their case is escalated or transferred to another representative. Procedures and references are also readily available in a searchable database for your agents to promptly address issues. Key fields can also be highlighted so that they know exactly what questions to ask, ensuring that they have everything on hand to provide a stellar customer service experience every time.


Automate case queuing and distribution

Finally, Dynamics 365 for Customer Service allows you to put in place business rules to automate the management of your queue according to your support plans and priorities. You can establish a list of the elements that define your support plans, such as response time or monthly number of calls, so that cases are automatically sorted by priority in the queue. New cases, whether they are created over the phone, email or an online form, are automatically assigned to the appropriate agent depending on the client’s region, the product to be supported or the priority level, for example. In case of an escalation process, the case is redirected to the appropriate agent or manager, who then has all the data needed on hand to help the client.


In short, the functionalities offered by Dynamics 365 not only increase the efficiency and productivity of your agents, allowing them to provide quick, personalized customer service that exceeds expectations, but also cement your clients’ loyalty by setting your organization apart from competitors. For more ideas to better serve your clients, download our eBook to read about 17 Amazing Customer Experiences Businesses Deliver Today with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (Dynamics 365).

By JOVACO Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 specialist in Quebec

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