Mobilizing Sales with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Mobilizing the way your company does business and solidifies sales is one of the first steps in creating a successful business model. Providing sales and service personnel with data like inventory availability and current pricing, creates this ability to do business on-the-go. Having to wait to receive a quote for several days gives customers the option to scope out the competitive pricing. By implementing a system like Microsoft Dynamics CRM you can give your customer a quote in minutes!

The Challenge

One of the challenges businesses have faced when trying to turn customer insights into action is the speed in which they enter in information into Microsoft Excel templates to calculate service costs. Creating these quotes without any automation assistance often becomes redundant and time consuming. When trying to configure time, travel, labor, parts, and other costs it is important your calculation is accurate so your business does not experience any major losses.


Mobilizing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Making the step to implement Dynamics CRM Online gives businesses the needed information all within their mobile device. The integration capabilities in CRM with Dynamics ERP, provides data on inventory stock and current pricing all at their fingertips. Time once spent developing quotes for customers can now be spent networking due to the automation Microsoft Dynamics CRM brings to processes. This speed can be especially helpful when customers are having equipment failure and need to configure pricing options as fast as possible. It is important to get your business back and running properly.


Satisfying your customers with the mobilization of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online can elevate success within your business. Being able to provide salespeople with the automation tools to generate quotes on the fly greatly improves the speed of doing business. If your business is looking to take this next step in mobilization with Dynamics CRM contact Logan Consulting, your Microsoft Dynamics Certified Gold Partner, for your free consultation now!

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