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Microsoft CRM Implementation Blueprint

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When you implement and use software, it is common to want to know how other organizations are using it. This guide will show you how the ClickDimensions team uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM with our own ClickDimensions marketing automation solution. Having worked with Microsoft CRM for years, we feel that we understand and use it well. While we are not proclaiming to have the ideal model for every business, we believe that organizations can always benefit from seeing what others are doing.

In this guide, you will learn how one company has deployed to its team an integrated solution based on Microsoft CRM to:

  • Manage CRM data like leads, contacts, opportunities, accounts and demo activities.
  • Perform strategic marketing automation activities like email newsletters, lead nurturing, content marketing and web visitor tracking.
  • Develop dashboards to help different people track key metrics, like revenue, pipeline, customer support performance and website performance.
  • And more!

Download your complimentary copy of the Implementation Blueprint for Microsoft CRM now!

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