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All About Learning Path

There were many exceptional updates with the release of Dynamics 365.  One of these great new features is Learning Path.  Learning Path was designed to quickly on-board new users to gain familiarity with Dynamics 365 and to help them complete tasks accurately. The wonderful thing about Learning Paths is that you can tailor it to a specific user role, so for example - a marketer would only see content related to marketing tasks. Learning Path content is delivered through guided walkthroughs, videos, or links to websites.  What a great way to train new users on the basics of CRM- at their own pace! Learning Path is available in Dynamics 365 Online (only).

At this time, Learning Path is only available in cloud hosted Dynamics 365. You may create your own Learning Path Content for your users or use the content already in Dynamics 365.  If you choose to create your own content, you may want to watch the short video below to see how easy it is to create in-app guidance with the Learning Path help Designer in Dynamics 365.

Learning Path is an optional feature.  It can be a very helpful feature, but if your company or organization is not using it, you may choose to turn it off.  Click here to find out how. If you do have Learning Path enabled for your company, a conversation bubble with the question mark icon inside will display in the right-hand corner of your window.

How Learning Path is Different from Customizable Help

Dynamics CRM has had the ability to deliver customized help for several versions now. Customizable Help allows you to override the default Dynamics 365 Help and direct users to a different URL for help. Or you can override the Help for a highly-customized entity so that you can better describe your workflow.

Where Learning Path shines is that its help files can be attached not just in the Help section, but also can be attached to particular fields or actions. Helpful videos and documents can be appended to Learning Paths to guide users along the proper path to perform their jobs.

Two Types of Learning Paths

There are two types of content available in Learning Paths.  They are Guided Tasks and Learning Path Sidebars.

  • Guided Tasks - A series of pop-up bubbles to guide users through forms and business process flows.
    1. Bubble with Next button - a pop-up button with an arrow that pops up to direct users to the next step.
    2. Bubble with User Action - This type of button is similar to the previous one, but the thing that makes it different is that it gives users a particular action they must take to advance to the next step.
    3. Simulate User Action - Differs from the User Action bubble in that  allows the user to move on to the next step by clicking on the required item or clicking the next arrow.
    4. Bubble with Learn More - is just what it sounds like.  It is a button that pops up when a guided task is complete. Users are then directed to a Learning Path sidebar where they can learn more.- This consists of a eries of pop-up bubbles to guide users through things such as process flows or record forms. There are four types of bubbles available.
  • Learning Path Sidebars- are displayed when the user navigates to a particular page, clicks a specific button, or clicks on the help button.

Learning Path is an exciting way to give end users context aware assistance to help them independently perform their day to day tasks as well as to onboard new users. Take a look at the built in learning path in Dynamics 365 and see how much it can help increase user engagement!

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