How Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Talent Will Leverage LinkedIn

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At its recent Business Forward event, Microsoft showcased Dynamics 365 for Talent which is scheduled for release from July 2017.

This is a new standalone cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) application that utilizes Microsoft Common Data Services.

Some of these capabilities have been built out from the HCM capabilities of the Dynamics 365 Operations app / Dynamics AX but Microsoft highlighted two new workflows that are exclusive to Dynamics 365 Talent that leverage LinkedIn integration.

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Talent Engagement

Once of the challenges that HR teams face when hiring new staff is disconnected sources of data.

This frequently includes LinkedIn profiles, CV's, portfolios of work and actual job applications which need to be matched to the selection criteria for each role.

When hiring managers don't have visibility of a complete candidate profile, time is either spent building up a picture from these various sources, or wasted by interviewing unsuitable individuals.

Connecting directly to LinkedIn Recruiter, Dynamics 365 Talent provides a complete human resources profile that also connects Office 365 to make the entire hiring process more transparent.

Using LinkedIn Recruiter, teams will define the criteria for a job role. This can include location, skills, spoken languages and job titles to find prospective matching candidates.

Within Dynamics 365 Talent, hiring managers can see what recruiters have been doing thanks to LinkedIn integration.

This details which individuals have applied for the role, and at what stage of the process they currently are.

Each candidate's LinkedIn profile, including application detail, is integrated and accessible directly from Dynamics 365.

From Dynamics 365 Talent, interviews can be set-up to fit within the hiring team’s schedule by using Office 365 integration that checks availability for all members of the team and suggests suitable times.

Calendar invites can be sent from Dynamics 365 to each party and these are tracked in addition to invitation responses.

Interview feedback about candidates can be shared with everyone involved in the hiring decision within Dynamics 365 Talent to help identify which individual(s) will be made an offer.

Employee On-Boarding

Hiring the right people doesn't necessarily mean an appointment will be successful and high attrition from new starters is costly in terms of the recruitment costs and lost productivity.

The new on-boarding experience in Dynamics 365 Talent provides added support to manage these logistics.

During its launch event, Microsoft demonstrated how Dynamics 365 will streamline on-boarding processes to help new employees get started so they can fit in with the organisation's culture, and quickly contribute to its growth.

These capabilities include on-boarding templates that feature a series of activities which need to be completed by HR teams and successful candidates prior to their arrival.

For example, this could include running a background checks on the individual and following up references.

These activities could also include getting the candidate to provide tax information, submit visa information or to complete a non-disclosure agreement.

This provides clear visibility from a single interface about the state of readiness for both the candidate, and the organisation ahead of the employment start date.

Templates can also be used to share more information that will prepare the individual for their first day.

This could include logistical detail such as parking information and building security processes and details of the training they will need to complete. This can also provide more information about their role, and how this contributes to the success of the business.

Using LinkedIn, on-boarding template can introduce the individual to their new work colleagues enabling them to connect with these contacts ahead of their arrival.

This also highlights other contacts within the organisation who they may already know, this can include individuals who attended the same school, or who also worked previously for the same employer.

Once defined, each template can be adapted and re-used to for future on-boarding processes.

It's great to see how Microsoft will be connecting LinkedIn with Dynamics 365 and we could not be more excited!

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