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As your company grows, adding clients and customers, opening new markets or new offices nearby or around the world, your legacy CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system may have trouble keeping up. Perhaps you even started out with a rolodex or a few spread sheets and have discovered that a full-function CRM solution is now a necessary component for your growing business.

Microsoft has introduced Microsoft Dynamics 365, a full-function upgrade from older versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The CRM Software Blog contains dozens of articles touting the advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365. But one thing those articles don’t tell you is how much it will cost. That’s what this post is for.

When you implement new software, there is a difference between the sticker price of the software and the actual cost of the software plus installation plus ongoing costs. That actual cost of operating the software is what you need to know up front for budgeting purposes.

The CRM Software Blog’s Quick Quote Wizard is here to help. This tool can provide a ballpark estimate of the total costs involved in implementing and operating Microsoft Dynamics 365. Here’s how the Quick Quote tool works:

You’ll find the ‘Request Instant Quote’ orange bar at the top right of each page of the CRM Software Blog. Click the bar and you’ll be taken to a screen with a short form to fill out. You’ll be asked basic questions about your type of business, number of employees who will be using the system, the level of support you’ll require (don’t worry, the questionnaire will help you answer these questions) and any concerns you have unique to your business. Include your contact information and you’re done.

The Quick Quote Wizard will use your information to customize a quote for you and you’ll receive it automatically and instantly in the form of an emailed PDF. Along with the non-binding quote, you’ll also receive the name of only one our expert CRM Software Blog members in your area who will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can choose to work with that partner or not; it’s up to you. The estimate is free as is the recommendation.

The CRM Software Blog Quick Quote Tool can get you started in determining just how much your Microsoft Dynamics 365 system will cost you from the first licensing to long-term support. Simply fill out the quote request form and be well on your way to a deeper understanding of the total cost of owning a Dynamics 365 system from Microsoft.


By CRM Software Blog Writer. Find a Microsoft Partner in your area.

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