CRM solutions remain enduringly popular but proper use is critical

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CRM solutions are a time-tested answer to many long-term concerns of businesses around customer interactions and sales. Managing those relationships - the core value proposition of CRM software - helps businesses improve operations by streamlining areas of inefficiency and making more informed determinations about the state of interactions with customers. To fully reap the benefits of platforms like the CRM components of Microsoft Dynamics 365, however, companies have to make sure they have the right implementation plan and fully understand the value CRM provides.

The relationship-building benefits of CRM in the long term are sometimes overlooked in favor of a focus on sales and short-term interactions. One of the biggest benefits of these platforms is how they provide the tools that businesses need to manage both of those needs, as long as company leaders take the right approach and recognize the value of each. Organizations can use a variety of general and specific metrics to measure their progress in these areas and ensure positive progress. The TM Group recently took a look at the need to balance short-term sales and long-term relationship goals in a blog post.

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