5 Ideas for Marketing List Segmentation in Dynamics 365

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When it comes to email marketing, success can often be more dependent on your lists than the message itself. After all, how well will your email perform if it doesn't reach your intended recipients?

If you have worked hard to maintain clean marketing lists – great! But now what? How do you maximize the potential of your marketing lists so you can increase your email marketing effectiveness? Marketing list segmentation is one of the first tactics that comes to mind.

Segmenting marketing lists is an incredibly powerful way to send your emails to the right people at the right time. List segmentation allows you to match your content with your customers' interests, which will increase interaction with your email and drive conversions.

The possibilities for segmenting marketing lists are unlimited. Depending on the information you collect and maintain in your organization's instance of Dynamics 365, you can create lists that are specific to a variety of different audiences. To get you started, here are five ideas for list segmentation:

1. Geography. Geographical segmentation is one of the easiest and most effective ways to customize emails to a specific audience. Sort by country, zip code, state/province or other geographic boundaries. Customize your email to cater to the local area. For example, a sporting goods store could advertise snow boards to customers in Colorado while promoting surf boards to buyers in California.

2. Verticals. Segment your marketing list by type (corporation, government, non-profit), industry or company size to target specific audiences. A software company, for example, could segment by company size to promote a small business software to one list and an enterprise-level solution to another.

3. Demographics. Demographic data like age, gender, whether an individual has children, household income and more can be a very effective way to better target your email messages to your audiences. For example, a hotel chain could promote kid-friendly packages to one segmented list and couples-only packages to another. Or a financial institution could create a segmented list of individuals nearing retirement age to connect with them regarding retirement financial planning services.

4. Interest. Using web intelligence in ClickDimensions, you can segment your list by how interested a contact or lead is in your company. Send one email to contacts that have a high lead score and a different email to customers that have a low score. The low-score email could attempt to reignite interest in your products or services, while the high-score email could entice interested customers with a special offer.

5. Behavior. With the campaign automation feature in ClickDimensions, you can add and remove contacts to marketing lists based on their interactions with your emails. For example, if a recipient does not open one or more of your emails, they can be put on a "cold" list while an individual who clicks on a link in your email could be added to a "warm" marketing list. You could then use these lists for future segmented email marketing initiatives.

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