4 Insider Tips to Save Money on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training

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What is the most effective way to get trained on Microsoft Dynamics CRM without breaking the budget?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM (now Microsoft Dynamics 365) users are presented with many options when it comes to training. Based on a few decades of experience in this area, here are my recommendation on how to get the best training results and also save some money.

1. Generic Training versus Personalized Training

In my experience, it is always better to work with our customers to come up with a personalized agenda that is tailor-made for them. If you take a generic “Learn Dynamics CRM” course, it is likely based on demo data with the prebuilt standard script that Microsoft provides. In my opinion this cookie-cutter training it is a waste of time because you will end up focusing on things that aren't pertinent to your business.

At Crowe, we try to provide Dynamics CRM training that is specific to you as the customer and provides real-life examples. We will literally take a problem you are trying to solve and include that in the training agenda, using your own data, not a demo system.

Personalized training may be more expensive, but it can saves you money in the long run. If you are trained on your own system and accomplish something specific that pertains to your business, you can basically kill two birds with one stone. You will be sure that the system is operating according to your needs and you will understand how to make the best use of it. You get the system the way you need it without paying for extra consulting time. We are, metaphorically speaking, teaching you to fish while making sure your gear is top notch.

So, who on your team should be trained to “learn to fish”?

2. Group Training versus Train the Trainer

We offer both group training and “train the trainer”, which is training a key person(s) who will then train the rest of the team.

I feel “train the trainer” is the best choice because that empowers someone on your team to continue to train the user-base after we leave.  There are going to be follow-up questions. Of course, we are available for questions after the training is completed, but it is not really an efficient use of time and it gets more expensive for you as the customer if we are called in every time you add a new user.

Even with “train the trainer” we might be training multiple people in different divisions, so then the location of training becomes a question.

3. On-site Training versus Online Training

We work with Dynamics CRM users around the world. On-site training is great and we will do it if it is warranted. But with today’s web technology we have no problem doing remote training. It is just as effective to “virtually” be in front of your people.

In addition to being less expensive because you are not paying for travel time, remote Dynamics CRM training has at least two other benefits:

  • We can train a wider, more diverse audience because you do not need to get everyone on your team, from multiple locations, into one room.
  • It is easier to break the training into multiple shorter sessions versus one long session.

4. Single Training Sessions versus Multiple Training Sessions

In an effort to save money some customers will just book the minimum amount of training presented in the minimum amount of time.

If you are trying to lower the budget and decide to cut training hours, at least follow my recommendation to schedule multiple shorter sessions.

For example, we like to do a training session and then schedule a follow-up training the week after. This way, your users have a chance to practice and they can ask questions while they are still fresh in their minds. The second training reinforces the first as well as clarifying any questions that might have arisen.

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When you are ready to use these tips, or if you have additional questions about Microsoft Dynamics CRM (now Dynamics 365) training, contact us at 877-600-2253 or crminfo@crowehorwath.com.

By Ryan Plourde, Crowe Horwath, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 Gold Partner www.CroweCRM.com

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