Using Microsoft Dynamics 365’s Voice of the Customer to Improve the Customer Experience

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Customer Experience: A definition

Voice of Customer
Customer experience (CX) is the interaction between customers and your organization throughout your entire relationship. It is an integral component of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and it is critical because customers who have positive experiences with you are much more likely to remain loyal.
Harvard Business Review specializes in researching and analyzing customer journeys, and one of their findings is that organizations that skillfully manage the customer experience benefit in many ways, including increased customer satisfaction, lowered churn, increased revenue, and increased employee satisfaction.

The research also shows that most dissatisfied customers are not frustrated by any single phone call, field visit, or other interaction; rather, the cumulative experiences across many touchpoints and through multiple channels over time is what does the damage. Unfortunately, this is an area few organizations manage.

Consider a routine customer interaction, like a product query. You might receive hundreds (or thousands or millions) of phone calls regarding the product. Every single call must be handled well. If you manage the complete journey, you do your best not only to handle the individual transaction, but you also seek to understand the big picture—the broader reason behind the call, including the root causes. You then create feedback loops for continuous interaction improvement both before and after the call.

A superior customer experience is today one of the leading differentiators an organization can use to earn new business. Customer experience is about designing your processes to meet or even exceed the expectations of your customers. And that increases their satisfaction and loyalty—and turns them into your advocate. American Express also conducted research on this subject and found that 60% of customers are actually willing to pay more for a better customer experience.
NPS Survey Test - Microsoft Dynamics 365

Get started with Dynamics 365 "Voice of the Customer"

So where do you start with your customer experience, getting valuable feedback from your customers is crucial to your success. Dynamics 365 (formerly Dynamics CRM) has a feature called Voice of the Customer, and it’s more than just a survey program.

Dynamics 365 includes Voice of the Customer, a feature that enables you to capture feedback regarding products and services offered by your organization. Start with a NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey or configure question and branchable surveys, distribute them to your contacts, and capture their responses. These surveys work across phones, tablets, and computers.

Voice of the Customer also includes analytics that help you act on feedback by identifying gaps in service, executing targeted marketing campaigns, or promoting offers to increase sales.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Survey Feature Screenshot


  • Capture key sales and service metrics
  • Provide customer feedback visibility to employees
  • Trigger actions based on business rules, survey results, and business process flows
  • Report on survey data in addition to CRM data


  • Surveys have a variety of questions and formats
  • Automatic capture of feedback for reporting
  • Complete control of look and feel to complement your brand
  • Action items automatically triggered based on feedback or scores


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Satisfaction Feature

Join AKA’s Michael Hammons on May 25th for Part 5 of our Microsoft Dynamics Deep Dive Series: The Voice of the Customer. He will present a live demonstration that will help you get your customer experience program up and running.

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