United Airlines PR Fiasco is a Reminder for All Companies

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United Airlines removal of a ticketed passenger from a plane in Chicago has spurred anger and protest across social media platforms. Memunited airlines logoes, online jokes, and articles are being published at an outstanding rate – all ridiculing not only the situation at United, but how the company is responding.

If your company were to face a PR crisis, would you have the systems in place to communicate effectively with your customers and vendors?

Companies as large as United, or as small as a mom and pop shop, should have a plan for effective customer service and offer the ability for a broad response if a negative situation were to arise. Thanks to Dynamics 365, even small to medium sized businesses can afford state of the art technology to create consistency and loyalty, streamline your communications, and empower your customer service employees.

With a streamlined marketing center, you can tailor your message to each specific audience and connect with them across a variety of platforms including email and social media. This ensures a consistent message and stance from the company that is made in a timely manner.

By responding immediately and appropriately to a negative PR situation, your company is more likely to avoid negative backlash and hopefully stop the information from going viral. By leading the conversation instead of reacting to it, you’re able to gain control and shift momentum.

Dynamics 365 can help you do just that by giving you the data you need to communicate more effectively with your audience which in turn will build brand loyalty, establish the ‘wow’ factor, and earn customers for life.

By Sabrina Zimara, DFC Consultants


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