How Microsoft CRM Creates Convenience in the Media Industry

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With the rapid evolution of the internet the opportunities for advertising have become endless. Media companies can offer a variety of platforms to customers at all different scopes and costs. This variety can create stress for salespeople whose job it is to present all the advertising options to their customers. A system like Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows for easy management and simplified quoting when handling these matters.

What’s the Challenge?

The number of advertising options available are endless whether that be through—radio, TV, cable, or internet—the mediums are ever-growing. Some of the biggest challenges for these companies is distribution of their campaigns and providing quotes to customers. For these tasks to happen effectively through the partnership, organization is an essential factor. Although spreadsheets can be helpful they don’t always provide enough information to fully embody what needs to be done.

How Microsoft CRM can make all the Difference               

For many advertising agencies contract quoting is unique to each individual client and campaign. When deciding to implement a system like Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online customizing plans like these become simplified and easy to manage for clientele. With the capabilities CRM brings sales reps can build quotes on-the-go in the mobile system. This option allows partners to compare mediums, schedules, data, and media options that best fit their companies advertising desires. Easy integration between Microsoft CRM and Dynamics ERP provides customer financial history to allows for quotes to be constructed seven faster and more accurately. Customers in this industry won’t be disappointed when working with advertising specialists through a CRM solution. Not only will they be satisfied with what they are getting but everything will be completed to their convenience.


Not only does a system like Microsoft Dynamics CRM benefit industries focused on advertising, CRM creates value for a variety of industries ranging from retail all the way to manufacturing. If implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM sounds like the next step for your business reach out to us at Logan Consulting for your consultation now!

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