Microsoft Announces Integration Plans with LinkedIn

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We've previously discussed Microsoft's $26B purchase of LinkedIn and speculated how it might integrate with Dynamics 365. Now it appears that some of that speculation is coming true as Microsoft has revealed its first two tools to take advantage of LinkedIn data and Dynamics 365. These tools, available in July 2017, will challenge Microsoft's competitors and will likely rank Microsoft high above their major competitors, including Salesforce, Oracle, and SAP.

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, has been under a lot of pressure to prove that Microsoft's high-priced acquisition of LinkedIn was a beneficial one.  Nadella's vision for Microsoft has always been to "empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. The new updates to Microsoft's sales software and data integration with LinkedIn will allow for data to be used more efficiently and build better relationships. Nadella reports that Microsoft will continue its offering of LinkedIn data to other companies.

Two LinkedIn Integrations Announced

The first major announcement centered around a bundle of LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365. Costing $135 per month, ted to LinkedIn. The new insights LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows salespeople to deliver better outcomes and do their jobs more productively and efficiently. The app will utilize Azure powered AI features to AI dig thought a salesperson's emails, calendar appointments, opportunities and LinkedIn relationships to look for buying signals as well as to uncover hidden relationships between coworkers and customer employees that can help to seal the deal.

Microsoft also announced Dynamics 365 for Talent, a new Human resources app. Available in July, this app integrates HR Profile data from multiple sources, including LinkedIn profiles, Office 365 and data in Dynamics 365. This is the first app released as part of Microsoft's  upcoming Human Resource application.

More details are available on the official Microsoft Blog.

Informative Live Web Event-upcoming

On Wednesday, May 3 at 10 am ET, join the Microsoft Business Forward event.  Here you will learn more about Dynamics 365 and how these new solutions can help you and your employees.  You will hear from Microsoft leaders such as CEO Satya Nadella, Corporate VP James Phillips, Executive VP Judson Althoff among others.  Visit the virtual event site here to receive event updates and register to attend this live event.

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