Connect to Microsoft Dynamics 365 More Easily than Ever With Team Member Licenses

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is now more accessible than ever. Previously, the cost of licenses often restricted access to the CRM to resources who absolutely need it to perform their tasks, even though others may have benefited from having access to its data and tools to improve their productivity and facilitate their activities. Thanks to a new licensing option called Team Members, a much higher number of users can now leverage the information stored in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution as well as viewing and reporting tools.

Team Member licenses offer light use of the CRM and full read access to Dynamics 365. It allows users to perform basic tasks in the system, such as update or edit certain entities, run reports, create personal views and access dashboards for enhanced visibility, and approve tasks or time and expense entries, to name only a few. Full user licenses are still necessary for access to advanced functions and tasks such as leads and opportunities, marketing lists, contracts, products and price lists, or system configuration.

Nevertheless, Team Member licenses are highly useful since they offer visibility into CRM data to users who may need to view or update information. By having access to the communications and data stored within the CRM without having to pay for functionalities they do not use, users can increase their productivity and offer better service to customers. Managers can, for instance, review dashboards, run reports and drilldown data without having to request this information from other teams. Other users who can benefit from Team Member licenses also include the administrative team or temporary employees, for example.

Since Team Member licenses are available at a fraction of the cost of a full-access license, they allow more people across your organization to use the CRM as a tool. Furthermore, they also help make Microsoft Dynamics 365 affordable to smaller businesses that may not need its advanced functionalities or are unable to afford them. These new licenses ensure that everyone has access to one version of the truth across the organization as well as key financial information on accounts and contacts to perform their tasks and analyses.


For more information as to how various teams and resources can benefit from access to your CRM solution, read our eBook CRM is Not Just For Salespeople and find out how the non-sales members of your organization can leverage its data and capabilities.


By JOVACO Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 specialist in Quebec

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