An Overview of Dynamics 365 Pricing- Enterprise Edition

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So today we are going to try to work our way through the pricing of Dynamics 365 pricing. The focus will be on the Enterprise Edition as the Business Edition at this point only has a single app - Dynamics 365 Financials. Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition contains five apps, plus an upcoming Marketing App. The Enterprise edition also most currently resembles today's Dynamics CRM Online Application. Like Dynamics CRM Online Dynamics 365 includes a Sales App (including the current campaign management features of CRM Online), Customer Service, Field Service and Project Service Automation. What the Enterprise Edition adds is Operations - a full feature ERP System that is Microsoft Dynamics AX7 Application.

Here is a short video we built to illustrate how pricing works with Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition.

Now that you've seen the brief overview, let's discuss Apps and Plans.

So what is an App?

An App is a way of licensing CRM for users based on their functionality needs. Tonya is a dedicated salesperson needs to focus on Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities. They don't have a need to create cases or projects. This user can purchase a license for the Sales App.  Bob is a Project Manager. He needs a license for the Project Services Automation App.

Apps all have full read/write access to common entities like accounts, contacts etc. However they will have limited access to data in entities specific to their role.

And how much does an App license cost? It is pretty straightforward.

Traditional CRM Apps - Sales, Field Service Customer Service and Project Service each cost $95 per user per month. Operations App is $190 per user per month.

So what is a Plan?

Plans are way of licensing Dynamics 365 for users who need cross functional ability to access and edit data across multiple entities. An example is a customer service app user who needs to manage projects using Project Service. In this way Plan licenses are similar to how Dynamics CRM Online was licensed Basically it is an all you can eat license. Pay one cost for access to the entire Dynamics 365 CRM. Plans allow licensed users to use multiple apps - basically to work within the entire Dynamics 365 CRM application. So a salesperson can have access to read/write data in Sales, Project Service and Operations. And if she needs to review Customer Service data, no additional licensing is needed.

Finally, Team Members

Team members are the lowest price Dynamics 365 CRM user. For $10 per user per month, the user license allows basic read/write access to several system entities - accounts, contacts, activities etc. However the Team member license does not allow edit rights to most other entities - for example cases, leads, opportunities. The Team Member license is designed for light users of CRM. While this may not seem like much, this license might be perfect for many of the administrative, financial and executive users who might not generally receive a license for CRM. The Team Member license allows an organization to deepen and further embed Dynamics 365 CRM into the day-to-day operations. Team Members also have full access to any custom entities, with one important caveat - the custom entity cannot replicate functionality covered by other licensing levels. So for example, you could not create a custom Invoicing app and allow Team Members to access the functionality. They would need to purchase a Sales license.

What do I get with Apps or Plans in Dynamics 365?

This is the number 1 question we hear when choosing Dynamics CRM Apps or Plan Pricing. We have built a little cheat sheet that we can refer to when talking with clients - you can download it here. Licensing can be among the more complex topics tackle while planning a Dynamics 365 implementation. We have experts who can help you price out and purchase the license required for a successful implementation. Feel free to call us today at 1-844-264-0729 or contact us at our webform to discuss how we can help you.

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