Jumeriah’s Luxury Hotel Experience Gets Boost from Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Jumeriah is a luxury hotel company with 23 global hotels throughout Europe, the Middle East and Far East.  With business customers from all over the world, Jumeriah depends on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for customer-centric marketing that boosts customer engagement and global revenue.

Jumeriah’s customers are diverse and unique, so generic mass emails to them often miss the mark. Utilizing the CRM technology found in Dynamics 365, Jumeriah is able to learn more about how customers travel, book their flights and use hotel facilities. They then personalize communications and advertising to customers, sending multiple versions of the same email based on individual guest profiles. Everyone receives a personalized message relevant to their unique needs.

Dynamics 365 automates this communication process and is faster, more accurate and cost effective than doing all of it by hand. The results for Jumeriah are a 50% increase in customer engagement and 10% revenue increase just by communicating differently with customers. The company also monitors the rate at which customers unsubscribe for emails and found the rate has gone down since implementing Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based business management solution that combines technology previously found in the on-premise versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP. It also includes sales, marketing, financials, project service automation and customer service features. Jumeriah is able to access data anywhere in the world using simply a web browser connected to the Internet to access Microsoft’s cloud platform. The system also conforms to the company’s policies on guest data privacy ensuring hotel guests a custom tailored experience and still maintain their privacy.

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