Introducing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guided Tasks

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Guided Tasks are type of Learning Path, a new feature in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to help on-board new users.

With Learning Paths, a new Azure cloud service, Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers walk-through guides and articles within the application.

Unlike traditional help, Learning Paths are contextual to each organisation. These adapt to fit individual user roles, the current page or record, and even which device is being used.

For example, a service user may see Learning Path content which differs from the information that is promoted to sales users.

Learning Paths help users discover new features and familiarize themselves with new forms and processes at their own pace within the app.

One example of a Learning Path are Guided Tasks. Through a series of pop up bubbles to guide users through record forms, process flows and other aspects of the Dynamics 365 interface.

Guided Tasks help new users get up to speed and navigate processes, gain familiarity with the application, and ultimately complete tasks accurately.

Guided Tasks can provide a reminder of items covered during training to reinforce these points and minimize support demands.

There are four types of Guided Task bubble available:

Bubble with Next Button

A simple pop-up bubble with an arrow as the next step.

This might be directed to a Dynamics 365 field, a menu item or another CRM action to give users more information and context about this.

In the example above, the bubble points to a step in a lead qualification process flow. This prompts a user to associate a new lead with a contact record in the event that the lead relates to an existing customer.

This is just one of a series of steps in the Guided Task so a next arrow appears directing users to the next bubble in this series.

The current stage in the guided path is shown at the foot of the bubble enabling users to see progress at a glance.

Bubble with User Action

This variation of the Next Button differs by requiring users to take a defined action before they can progress to the next step.

This type of bubble will be pinned to a clickable control within the Dynamics 365 user interface such as a link or button.

In the example above, the guided task will only progress when a user clicks the Purchase Timeframe field.

Once this is done, they will move on to the next learning bubble in the Guided Task.

Simulate User Action

In comparison to the User Action bubble this option enables users to progress to the next step by either clicking the required item in the user interface, or clicking the next arrow.

Bubble With Learn More

This step can be used to conclude a Guided Task. It features a customisable button that will direct users to a Learning Path Sidebar which can be configured to share more information and resources about the process.

In the video below we've demonstrated an example of a Learning Path in action on a Case record form.

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