Digital Transformation with Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Digital transformation is about using digital technology to change the way we do business. As simple as that sounds, it represents sweeping changes across every industry.

Companies can now leverage unified applications "in the cloud" that let them do more to improve their business than ever before.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Digital Transformation

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 was built specifically to enable organizations to incorporate digital transformation.

Dynamics 365 unifies several business applications in the cloud—including financial management, CRM, customization tools, business intelligence, and process automation—to give organizations a comprehensive and flexible business solution from a single platform and accessed anytime, anywhere. The lets them revolutionize the way they conduct business, empower staff, and interact with clients.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella offers an overview of Dynamics 365 in this short video:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and business intelligence

Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes powerful applications and tools that help you transform your organization, including: PowerBI, Cortana Intelligence, and Azure Machine Learning. These technologies help you improve your business processes, develop targeted strategies, and create engaging offers for prospects and customers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and flexibility

For years, “flexibility” in business software meant you were able to modify the software to meet your unique business needs. However, these modifications often were expensive, required experienced programmers, and created issues when upgrading.

Dynamics 365 provides you with tools, including Flow and PowerApps, that let you customize the software to fit the way you do business without requiring a programmer and without impacting your upgrade.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and growth

Dynamics 365 is designed to grow with your organization. Being a collection of business applications, you only purchase what you need and add more capabilities when they are needed. Apps are available to add capabilities for specific roles (for example, sales, marketing, field services, financials, etc.) and for specific industries (for example, manufacturing, distribution, retail, etc.).

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and your own digital transformation

If your organization is looking to grow, be more competitive, or simply be more efficient, consider the possibilities offered by Dynamics 365. Learn more by joining us as we show how one organization is benefiting from its own digital transformation.

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