Complex Integration Scheduling with Scribe Online

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If you are tasked with integrating data, then you know there are a wide variety of challenges that you must overcome. I’ve integrated data into Microsoft Dynamics CRM from many disparate systems in my career, which typically involves pulling data from a live system. The key word is “live”, because I’ve seen some strange scheduling requests from IT administrators to work around their maintenance schedules.


I find Scribe Online is a great cloud based platform to migrate and transform data between systems, especially when working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This product offers you a variety of ways to schedule an integration, including triggering based on the time of day or reoccurring over a consistent time span.




So what happens when you get a strange scheduling request like this? “This integration can’t run every other Tuesday between 11pm and 4am.” Not to worry, Scribe Online has a solution for that


Scribe Online has an API available, which can listen to your requests to stop and start your integration. Don’t let the API scare you away, because Scribe has already provided some coding examples and instructions for non developers to use. Join the Scribe success community and download the code here.



If you have multiple Scribe Online solutions, then you can create a batch file to disable or enable all at once. For example:


REM disableMultipleSolutions.BAT

call ScribeOnline_DisableEnableSolution.cmd “123” “Solution1” True

call ScribeOnline_DisableEnableSolution.cmd “123” ” Solution2″ True



You can now utilize a scheduling application like Windows Task Scheduler to call these batch files according to the custom schedule.



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