Building Up Your Customer Value with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Relationship building with current and new clientele is one of the fundamental stepping stones in creating a successful business. Salespeople have been at the forefront of this task in the past, but as the competition continues to rise it is key your industry is on top of these important relationships. There is no real method in creating the perfect employee-customer bond. By adopting tools to help your company preserve current relationships while simultaneously creating new ones, employees can get the most out of their relationship building attempts. A tool like Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to use data directly and effectively to educate customers.

Responding to Customer Needs

Per a 2015 Global SMB Technology Adoption Study, “50% of all businesses say their success depends on their ability to be highly responsive to customers’ specific needs.” Response time and accuracy can play a huge role in building those beneficial customer relationships that will last. Have you ever been to the grocery store and asked a clerk where an item was only to be referred to the complete opposite side of the store? Everyone has been in situations like these and can agree getting the best solution in the shortest amount of time is exactly what consumers are continually searching for. Microsoft Dynamics CRM does this in a couple of ways. By putting customer data in the hands of employees it becomes much easier to build on established relationships with multiple departments to find a variety of products or services the customer is searching for. By having access to catalogs regardless of location, many more opportunities for employees to upsell to customers arise. Giving employees the empowerment they need to sell additional services beyond their scope ultimately attracts a larger customer base with increased longevity.

Streamlining Information & Processes

It is a misconception that streamlining within a business is solely an internal improvement. CRM technology provides customers with a single view of information and creates easy communication. An example of an industry where CRM implementation is common for this purpose is in the healthcare industry. By using automated tools that personalize outreach and follow-up, health care providers increase their level of credibility. With personalized communication and organization in a singular system customers are likely to return and extend praise regarding their low hassle appointment scheduling.


Feedback from past and present customers always has an impact on perceptions of a business. Without this feedback from consumers we would be making blind decisions regarding the businesses we choose for our products and services. To maximize these perceptions a system like Dynamics CRM can produce many relationship building advantages for a variety of industries. If your company needs help choosing and/or implementing a CRM solution contact Logan Consulting your Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner of Chicago.

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