Why You Should Review Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Dashboards Daily

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 (previously Dynamics CRM) dashboards are a powerful tool for any business to have: they allow you to visualize your data in various ways to best meet your specific needs and uncover new insights into your operations and business. Dynamics 365 puts both predefined and customizable dashboards at your disposal for you to obtain the information that you need at a glance and always up to date, ensuring that you are reviewing real-time data.

Dashboards can be a valuable asset for your organization, especially when they are incorporated into your daily routine. They make it easy to spot any abnormalities, whether they consist in spikes or drops, since they convert large amounts of data into graphics and visuals that can be reviewed much more quickly than reports. This allows you to analyze and review contextualized information regardless of whether it’s based on a specific department, division, resource, project or client. You may even mix and match different metrics within your dashboard based on what is the most important for you to review together.

You may also have more than one dashboard that you can review. Having different dashboards will give you a better view on your activities at a micro or high level, be it granular day-to-day operations or high-level executive overviews. Don’t know where to start? Dynamics 365 offers a selection of predefined dashboards to display the data that businesses most commonly need. That said, every business is different, and Dynamics 365 allows you to also create your own from a variety of a views, charts and diagrams.

Once you have your different dashboards and metrics set up, you will have an easier time managing your daily priorities since it will be apparent what requires your attention more urgently. Moreover, you're not limited to data stored in your CRM system: information sourced from your financial solution, for instance, can also be reviewed from your Dynamics 365 dashboards. You can then obtain a global view of your organization or any individual aspect of your business, measure its performance according to the indicators that you favor and know quickly just how well it’s doing.

These are some of the reasons why Dynamics 365 dashboards are such a vital tool, especially when incorporated into your daily routine. With their wide selection of views, simple interface and easy configuration, they can help you gain additional intelligence from your customer relationship management tool (CRM). To have a better idea of which dashboards would help you the most, start by sketching out the KPIs and metrics that you would like to review on a daily basis. From there you will be able to visualize and create just what you need within the CRM.

By JOVACO Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 specialist in Quebec

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