Creating a Memorable Customer Experience with Dynamics 365/CRM

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If there was a single recipe for success in today’s business environment, a great customer experience might just be it. In recent years, the tables have turned in the relationship between businesses and their customers. Our always-connected society has changed what customers expect from brands and how they share their brand interactions with others.

Customer experience, also sometimes referred to as CX, is often seen as synonymous with customer service or simply thought of as marketing. In actuality, it is both of these things and much more.

Customer experience is made up of every interaction that a customer has with your organization, and how he or she perceives those interactions. Whether an individual is reading an email from your company, visiting your website, engaging with your brand on social media, speaking to an employee personally, or actually using your product or service, every touch point is a part of your brand’s customer experience.

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM is a powerful tool for gaining insights into and improving the customer experience by:

Centralizing customer information. When customer data is decentralized, it is very difficult to get a clear picture of who your customers are and even more difficult to see how they interact with your company at various touch points. Dynamics 365 makes it easy for individuals throughout your organization to organize and access vital customer data.
Building personal relationships. One-to-one relationships with customers are now more important than ever, and CRM systems were designed to manage those relationships. Use the data about customers that you store in Dynamics 365 to treat customers as individuals and to personalize the customer experience.
Discovering what customers really want. Being responsive and proactive is a big part of the customer experience. Dynamics 365 allows you to see which products or services your customers are interested in or have already purchased, which can help you proactively offer other relevant products, services or information before they even ask for it.
Providing faster customer support. Nothing puts a damper on a customer’s experience with a business like a slow response time when they have a problem with or question about a product or service. The case entity within Dynamics 365/CRM can help you assign, track and manage issues, making their resolution faster and more seamless for your customers and your team.
Staying in touch. Customers today like attention, and ongoing communication is now an essential part of the customer experience. Beyond just storing customer contact information, CRM can help organizations segment contacts into marketing lists that can be used in customized communications and campaigns.

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