Microsoft Dynamics 365: What You Need to Know

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Advances in technology have businesses rethinking how to better respond to marketplace trends, engage customers and automate business processes to improve productivity. Today’s business management solutions are agile, flexible and look nothing like past systems. One standout system has unified enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management, customer engagement and a specialized line of business applications into one powerful solution.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers flexibility to tailor your ERP system with purpose-built applications across sales, customer service, operations, field service and more.


Introducing Microsoft Dynamics 365

Technology is quickly reshaping business models, and more businesses are embracing the digital transformation to strengthen connections between people, processes, customer engagement and data. Businesses that respond faster to marketplace changes and customer needs will capture new revenue opportunities and surpass the competition.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines business applications and processes with big data, advanced analytics, business intelligence, internet of things (IoT) technology and deep integration with Microsoft Office 365 for effective customer engagement and added productivity.

Here’s why Dynamics 365 is in the spotlight:

  • Changing customer demands – Your customers reside in a mobile, social world. Customers aren’t just “always right,” they’re now in total control. Microsoft Dynamics 365 supports a frictionless customer engagement experience across all channels.
  • Productivity is critical to success – Poor productivity costs the global economy billions each year. Microsoft Dynamics 365 automates common processes and arms employees with tools to leverage data, respond faster to customer demands and spot new revenue-generating opportunities.
  • Speed of business is accelerating – The marketplace is always on, and customers want their products or services NOW. Microsoft Dynamics 365 streamlines common daily activities, expediting operations and customer services.


Want to Learn More About Microsoft Dynamics 365? Attend Our Webinar

Register for our webinar, “Dynamics 365 Enterprise Customer Engagement Introduction,” and join us on Tuesday, February 28, 2017, to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 changes and features, including:

  • How to choose the right version and licensing structure
  • A look at Dynamics 365 navigation and architecture
  • Explore Dynamics 365 applications
  • Dynamics 365 advantages



Dynamics 365 Enterprise Customer Engagement Introduction

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 @ 10:00am – 11:00am Central Time

Presenter: Woody Davis, Business Development


There’s never been a better time to replace outdated systems with today’s business management technology. BKD can help you and your business get started on your digital transformation with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

By BKD, LLP, a National CPA & Advisory Firm


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