Organization Insights allows for a deeper understanding of Dynamics 365 usage

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In late December 2016 Microsoft released a new solution for Dynamics 365 called Organization Insights that surfaces a set of kpis that provides administrators with a deep understanding of Dynamics 365 adoption and troubleshooting for potential problems.

Among the kpis surfaced include charts that can measure and identify:

  • Active and Inactive users
  • Entities by number of records and storage usage
  • Storage by CRM Instance
  • Workflows that consistently fail, resulting in poor data quality and unexpected results
  • Plugins that may not be working as expected

The available charts are customizable so that you can build custom Dashboard to meet your needs, but an additional feature will allow developers to extend the out of box charts to create their own kpis.

Organization Insights can be installed into Dynamics 365 systems from Microsoft Appsource.  The installation is painless but can only be applied to cloud based organizations that have been upgraded to Dynamics 365. By default the Organization Insight dashboards are only available to System Administrators and Customizers, but security roles can be updated to give ither users access.

Organization Insights will be a boon to system administrators looking for data about who is using CRM most effectively as well as which users might need some additional training to have the best experience.

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