Microsoft Dynamics 365 supports CRM and data-driven marketing

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There are many ways to judge the success of a marketing campaign, but Microsoft Dynamics 365’s CRM components help businesses follow the metrics they prefer. A large number of businesses will measure the effectiveness of advertising against increased sales. Modern CRM solutions offer organizations opportunities to measure factors that were once thought of as intangible, like an audience's emotional reaction.

No matter how a business measures marketing success, Entrepreneur said it was vital that each member of a marketing team recognizes the company's goals and the hard numbers they must reach to achieve standards for success. Business software users should know what they are trying to achieve and report how activities match up to expectations in real time.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its CRM capabilities prioritizes data visibility for each user. The CRM solution can enable users to visualize marketing results through charts and graphs as well as create lead scores for each contact. The automated workflow provided by the system will alert employees when it’s time to check in on a campaign or reach out to a lead. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 homepage can greet decision makers with BI results so they have immediate insight into each marketing campaign.

In a recent blog post, The TM Group explored a variety of Microsoft Dynamics 365’s CRM features that help companies make informed marketing campaigns.

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