Implementing Dynamics 365 at a Small Business - a Blueprint

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enCloud9 specializes in working with small to midsized businesses to implement Dynamics 365 in their organization. We shy away from cookie cutter projects and instead work with the client to make Dynamics 365 work with the client's business in the most effective way possible. So even though each project is unique, they all have a certain amount of similarities. Below is an outline of a typical project.

Discovery Sessions

During our Discovery Session, we will discuss the basics of how your company currently handles their sales cycle from initial contact with a prospect through qualification proposal development and delivery and final close. We will discuss the information and actions required during each of these phases. Information gathered during these discussions will be used to complete the next few stages of the engagement

Customization of forms and views for sales and marketing entities

The sales entities – Lead, Account, Contact and Opportunity will have fields added and removed as well as characteristics of those fields modified – including moving fields on the forms, fields will be made required as needed. In addition, we will modify the views of data so that the most important information will be displayed.

Development of Sales Business Process Flow

Business Process Flows are on the Lead and Opportunity forms. These Business Process Flows document the stages of the sale, for example, qualification Discovery Development Proposal Close. Within each of these stages specific information is collected to move sales from stage to stage. Opportunities can be grouped by these sales stage and displayed in Sales Pipeline Charts on the Sales Dashboards.

Develop Custom Process for Unique Business needs

During our discovery session, we usually discover some unique business need that will fit in well with Dynamics 365. For example, at one client we discovered that contract renewals fell through the cracks because they were tracked on an Excel Spreadsheet. With a small investment of time we built a custom entity and process to document renewals so that these sales will not be forgotten and the client has visibility into potential revenue for upcoming renewal sales.

Dashboard Development

Based on the work performed in the above steps we will create several sales dashboards. One will be for the front-line sales dashboard which will give salespeople visibility into their open leads and opportunities, upcoming activities and renewals. Another will be a sales management dashboard showing upcoming sales for the entire organization by sales stage, revenue, potential close date and owner. These dashboards will give you and your sales team the information needed to plan their day to day sales activities.

Data Migration

If you are coming off a legacy CRM system such as ACT or Salesforce, you will want to import data from your old system into Dynamics 365. We will either import using csv files or if the data is more complex we will use Scribe Insight. Either way you can stat using Dynamics 365 with data already in the system

Workflow Development

During the Discovery Session, we usually come up with some internal process that requires automation. For example, when a lead is assigned, email the salesperson and create a phone call to the prospect due within three days. A workflow such as this will ensure that leads are not forgotten by sales and will increase revenue.

End User Training

Training for your end users includes a training manual with best practices for using Dynamics CRM to manage sales using both web and Outlook clients. In addition, we will train your end users via Skype for Business or Gotomeeting in the basics of CRM usage including account and contact management, tracking emails and other activities, working sales from lead through opportunities, and managing marketing campaigns. We will review reporting options, creating custom views and ensure that your users and managers are comfortable with using the system. We can break these training sessions into two smaller sessions if timing issues prevent all users to be available at the same time.

Project Management

Project management is the back end of a CRM Project implementation. Our project manager schedules meetings, manages deadlines and works to ensure client satisfaction.

Now it’s Your Turn

enCloud9 has one of the most experienced Microsoft Dynamics CRM teams in the US. From pre-sales to project management, and user support, we respond quickly with our expertise to answer your questions. Our history dates back to 2009, but our experience dates back even longer. Our consultants have been advising companies for almost thirty years to give them the tools to achieve their goals. Our experience leads to your success. We use our unique approach to help small and medium-sized businesses lower their costs and boost productivity through Microsoft’s powerful range of cloud-based software.
We can be contacted at our webform or call us today at 402-235-8540.

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