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Mint Senior CRM Project Manager, Ross Musselman
Mint Senior CRM Project Manager, Ross Musselman

Harnessing the correct communication channels and using them in the right way to facilitate project management is one of the biggest stumbling blocks faced by project stakeholders. Microsoft Gold Partner Mint Management Technologies’ Senior CRM Project Manager Ross Musselman provides insights and experience into formulating a channel model for streamlined project management with successful outcomes.

When it comes to project management, great knowledge can be gained from the Ashanti Proverb stating that “two men in a burning house must not stop to argue.”

Too often, stakeholders unknowingly use this approach to project communications, resulting in either an utter disaster or requiring another more expensive project for the required outcome to be operationalised and successful.

Communication Channels for CRM Project Management
Effectively managing project management to ensure CRM success

Swinging in the other direction by exhausting every communication method and channel available is, however, just as dangerous and can result in a situation where every project comprises an email group, WhatsApp group, Skype group, Slack Group, Trello Group, and, probably not often enough, a therapy group.

Using every available medium in an effort to ensure that a message is effectively communicated and comprehended is not conducive to comprehension and clarity and mostly results in the creation of noise, which serves as a frustration and hindrance to team members.

Communication needs to be clear, concise and comprehended. To ensure this, messages need to be formulated correctly and delivered with the least amount of noise to ensure that they are understood, that all team members are aligned and that objectives will be reached.

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