Extend customer relationships with Award-winning Microsoft Dynamics 365

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CRM solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 provide a single source of information for communicating with consumers. Each person who makes contact with a business should know he or she won't have to repeat previous steps in the relationship or receive different information from each company department. Microsoft Dynamics 365’s CRM components provide the single source of data necessary for offering dependable service.

MSPoweruser reported Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Microsoft Dynamics CRM) won CUSTOMER Magazine's 2016 Excellence awards. The product was heralded for its ability to improve its clients' operations and expand an organization's ability to work with customers throughout their lifetime. Customer service is not so much a singular task as a piece in an ongoing consumer relationship. Microsoft Dynamics 365’s CRM capabilities ensure every step taken with a customer moves in a positive direction.

The CRM solution also offers mobile performance so employees can update customer records whenever and wherever its necessary. Integration with Office 365 make it simple to share documents with all users and workflow solutions automate processes so employees have more time to focus on consumers.

The TM Group shared a recent blog about the award and how Microsoft Dynamics 365’s CRM capabilities provides modern businesses with the tools they need to respond to consumer groups with unique demands.

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