CRM 2016 Word Templates and custom entities (Part 2)

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In previous post, related to CRM 2016 Word Templates issues, we showed how to add custom entity to workflow step SetWordTemplate, for example, to send a Word Template as an attachment to an Email, with Dynamics PDF-Docs (read more).

In this post we provide a free of charge tool to migrate templates from one CRM to another. Word Template designed in one CRM instance (like Sandbox), for custom entity, will fail when imported to another CRM (like Production).

In CRM, each custom entity has a unique Object Type Code / Entity Type Code (ETC). The ETC is created when entity is manually created or the entity is created by importing managed / un-managed solution. The ETC is different between different CRM even when importing the same solution, although the entity name is kept the same in both CRMs. Word Template is linked to the entity name and its ETC. When exporting Word Template from a sandbox to Production, the ETC has to be modified to match the ETC of that entity, as in the Production CRM.

Templates Migration is a tool, provided free of charge, to migrate word template from on CRM to another.

It’s a very simple tool to use.

Firstly, from the Connection menu set up the URL, user name and password to connect to the source CRM, where the templates are located, and to the destination CRM, where we wish to migrate the templates to.

Get Word template provides two options for the source of the templates, either in CRM or from hard disk. By selecting this menu (or uploading from hard disk) a list of word templates is available. Select templates and click Migrate, which will migrate one or more selected templates, to the destination CRM

Download your free copy of Templates Migration

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  1. There is also a tool in the XRM toolbox built by Gayan Perera of Magnetism Solutions which you can use to migrate Word templates.

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