CRM 2016 Word Templates and custom entities (Part 1)

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There are two related issues with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Word Templates, when they are designed for custom entities. The first issue is to add the step “SetWordTemplate” to a workflow, the other one is importing Word Template designed in one CRM instance (like Sandbox) to another CRM (like Production CRM). The first issue will be discussed (and resolved) in this post. The second issue is resolved with a free of charge tool that migrate templates from one CRM to another (download here)

Add step “SetWordTemplate” to a workflow

Dynamics PDF-Docs is add on to CRM, to convert documents generated from CRM Word Template, to PDF file. The process can be automated with workflows, like send an Email with the Word Template attached as PDF file. The workflow will have these main steps:

  1. Create > Email
  2. Action > SetWordTemplate
  3. Dynamics PDF> Add Word Template

When you search for the available entities for the Target field, only Out of the box entities are available.

To make a custom entity available to SetWordTemplate step, follow these steps:

  1. Go to CRM>Settings>Customizations>Customize the System
  2. Expand the Entities branch and select the entity
  3. Under Process, enable Business process flows as per the below image, for the custom entity DO-Settings




Click here to download Dynamics PDF-Docs

Click here to download Template Migration



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