Modern considerations for a CRM implementation

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When deciding which solution to select for a CRM implementation, there are a number of considerations decision-makers must take into account. The modern consumer landscape creates unique challenges and companies can't overlook customer expectations while implementing a CRM solution. A recent JD Power survey indicated one important trend businesses must recognize is younger customers speaking up more via multiple channels, according to Smart Customer Service.

Millennials want information to make smart financial choices and use convenient communication channels to seek data. When there's a problem, they are twice as likely to reach out directly to service providers than baby boomers. This increased communication means businesses may have to expand call centers or at least automate many daily tasks so employees can process more questions. CRM solutions should automate certain tasks while providing more information for ever-growing amounts of data collected.

Increased volume of interactions is just one concern businesses these days must consider before even beginning a CRM implementation. Planning user adoption goals is critical to initial success and ongoing internal support of innovative ideas. The TM Group compiled a list of questions businesses should ask when evaluating CRM solutions.

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