Quicktip - Keyboard Shortcuts for Editable Grids

 Editable Grids are probably the single most exciting feature of Microsoft Dynamics 365. To longtime users like us, the ability to edit information on the fly without having to open each line will increase productivity. This list of keyboard shortcuts designed to make your users even more efficient came from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Center Guide.

Move to next fieldTab or Right Arrow (→) key
Move to previous fieldShift+Tab or Left Arrow (←) key
Move to the cell above (or column header from the first row)Up Arrow (↑) key
Move to the cell belowDown Arrow (↓) key


Enter, when cell is not in edit mode

Go to edit mode for Text, Number, and Simple fields when the focus is on a fieldType the value directly to overwrite the existing value


Spacebar to continue modifying the existing value


F2 to select the existing value

Go to edit mode for Date and Time fieldsType the value directly


F4 or Alt+↓ to display the date/time picker

Go to edit mode for drop-down (Lookup, Option Set) fieldsSpacebar to drop down the list
Go to edit mode for Two Options fieldsSpacebar to switch between the two options

F4 or Alt+↓ to drop down the list

Move between entries in an open drop-down listUp/Down (↑/↓) Arrow keys
Select an option in an open drop-down listEnter
Close an open drop-down listEsc
Cancel your editsEsc
Navigate to and open the lookup recordSpacebar when the focus is on (→) icon
Move to next page (if any)PgDn
Move to previous page (if any)PgUp
Move to the column header when the focus is in the gridUp (↑) Arrow key
Sort by column when the focus is on the column headerSpacebar
Move to Save button when the focus is on the column header (if any unsaved data)Tab
Move to Refresh button when the focus is on the column headerTab


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