Microsoft Dynamics 365 versus an Unnamed Competitor – More for Less

I can’t give you a specific name. That could land me in a lot of trouble. So let’s just call it a “typical enterprise competitor”.

How does the price of Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Dynamics CRM) compare to the price of this “typical enterprise competitor”?

Microsoft knew that you would ask this question. At a recent Dynamics CRM event they presented a slide entitled "Unmatched Value – More Capability" with this information:


FunctionMicrosoft (Dynamics 365)Typical Enterprise Competitor
Overall LicensePlan 1, $115Enterprise, $150
+  SalesIncludedIncluded
+  ServiceIncludedIncluded
+  Field ServiceIncluded$25 to $135 – Field Service License
+  Project ServiceIncluded$25 to $100 – PSA License
+  Application DevelopmentIncludedIncluded
+  Social ListeningIncluded$50 – 150 – Social Listening License
+  GamificationIncluded$+25 – 3rd Party Gamification
+  Knowledge AuthoringIncluded$50 – Knowledge Add-On
+  Team Users$10 – Per User Per Month$25 – Per User Per Month
Advanced Configurations
+  EncryptionIncludedAdditional Cost Per Instance
+  SharePoint ConnectionIncludedAdditional Cost Per User
+  IntegrationUnlimited API callsAdditional Cost Per Connection/ Metered API calls
Included Storage10 Gb1 Gb
Added Storage/20 Users5 Gb400 Mb
+  Data Storage (10 Gb)10 Gb = $5010 Gb = $1000
+  File Storage (10 Gb)10 Gb = $5010 Gb = $41.50
+  Sandbox1 included, then $150 per InstanceAdditional Cost (Based on total)
+  Portal1 included, then $500/monthAdditional Cost Per External User/Login
+ Portal Advanced ConfigurationIncludedAdditional Cost Per Instance


This certainly does provide any CRM buyer with food for thought. Enough to make you pause and take a closer look at the functions and pricing of Microsoft Dynamics CRM versus ANY other competitor out there.

We can help you do more specific comparisons. If you are interested in evaluating Microsoft Dynamics 365 contact us at 877-600-2253 or [email protected].

By Ryan Plourde, Crowe Horwath, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gold Partner

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