What Will Be Included In The Marketing App for Dynamics 365 Business Edition?

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Many companies are anxious to know what will be in included in the Dynamics 365 Marketing app. that is scheduled to be released in Spring 2017 for Dynamics 365 Business Edition. Although it is not finalized and details may change, we have seen some exciting preview information.

We know that the current Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (MDM) solution will NOT be included in Dynamics 365. It is no longer available for purchase after 11/1/16 but Microsoft will continue to support MDM for existing customers for the duration of their agreements.

Functionality for Marketing App in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition

The chart below compares functionality in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing vs the Marketing App in Dynamics 365. It rates each feature for Limited Supported functionality, Supported Functionality and Strong Functionality.marketing-app

This chart addresses the following important functions:

  • Marketing Resource Management
  • Multi Channel campaigns
    • Campaign Automation
    • Email marketing
    • SMS marketing
    • Web training and content
    • Landing pages
    • Marketing content delivery
  • Lead Management
  • Account based marketing
  • Event management
  • Sales collaboration
  • Segmentation
  • Customer Intelligence, Profiling, Customer 360
  • Reporting and analytics
  • SDK/Extensions/Customization
  • Integration, Process Workflow

Pricing for Marketing App in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition

Current pre-release pricing for the Marketing App in Dynamics 365 Business Edition is $40 per user per month. We are told that PLAN pricing will able be available in the future, for $50 per user per month, which would include access to all the Apps (Financials, Powerapps, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service).

It is nice to know that the Marketing App will be built in the same platform as Dynamics 365 for Sales and will be fully integrated.


Microsoft has also said that the new Marketing app will be much easier to configure and extend than the current Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (MDM) solution. But the transition for existing MDM users will be a re-implementation.  There will be some basic migration tools available but limited to master data such as customers, contacts and lists.

In my opinion, this has been a gap that Microsoft hasn’t addressed since the inception of the Dynamics CRM product.  I am anxious to see specific details on email marketing functionality in Dynamics 365. Plus a comparison to some of the more robust add on ISV products on the market. I am optimistic that in Dynamics 365 customers will have not just robust, but useful, marketing functionality for their small and medium businesses.

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By Ryan Plourde, Crowe Horwath, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gold Partner www.CroweCRM.com

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