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Guidance and consultation prior to the implementation of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system greatly increases the success rate of the solution. In the absence of strategic goals, CRM implementations are challenging with constant scope changes and, ultimately, increased spend coupled with an unsatisfactory end-solution that does not meet business objectives.

CRM search reports that, over the last decade, numerous studies reflected that 20 percent to over two-thirds of all CRM software initiatives either failed to meet expectations or failed outright.

The realisation of a successful CRM implementation can be streamlined if the appropriate steps are followed before implementation and an organisation starts viewing a CRM solution as a business philosophy instead of merely a system. It is with this in mind that Mint developed its CRM ProActive solution that helps organisation's roll out CRM projects successfully.

ProActive is a consulting package that is used as the standard first engagement to help clients get the most out of their CRM system and achieve more.

ProActive Deliverables

Depending on whether an organisation wants to generate leads, drive conversions, support customers, or manage relationships – the content of conversions may differ, but the underlying process and methodology remain the same.

A CRM solution should enable a deep understanding of an organisation’s audience and their behaviour, deliver customer information to representatives, automate the nurturing; follow-up and self-service processes, and maximise every conversation opportunity and its outputs.

To achieve the above, the CRM ProActive drives success by taking the debriefings, post-mortems and learnings from more than 15 years of CRM experience to identify the critical early steps that determine the quality and impact of a CRM implementation and initiative.

In addition, CRM ProActive will enable companies to align their strategic CRM goals with all business stakeholders, provide clarity coupled with a comprehensive understanding of the solution requirements, and enable structured planning of and preparation for implementation success factors.

While hindsight enables companies to spot mistakes and pitfalls once experienced,  with the right perspective organisations can pro-actively manage risk, prioritise critical chain activities and streamline implementations.

Download our free whitepaper based on global Microsoft gold partner Mint Management Technologies' ProActive approach

by Mint Management Technologies

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