How Market Leader Uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to Innovate, Create Global Visibility & Stay Ahead of Competition

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It goes without saying that growth and a positive reputation are good things in business. However, when you organization is in this enviable position, you can bet your competitors won’t be far behind. The challenge then turns to staying out front and continuing to grow—without sacrificing the quality of your products and service.  You need to scrutinize your operations, looking for ways to improve and optimize.

Often, even the most successful organizations find room for improvement when it comes to the technology they’re using to manage critical processes. Just ask Bemis Associates what they were able to accomplish Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Bemis Associates - manufacturer of next-generation adhesivesBemis Associates is a major manufacturer of next-generation adhesives that replaces sewing in the world’s most recognized performance, luxury and lifestyle brands. With operations around the globe and a reputation built on market innovation, Bemis Associates needs to ensure their increasingly complex business processes run smoothly while they continue to expand.

Upon examination, Bemis Associates realized that their challenges would be mostly in the areas of re-engineering their business processes and updating tools to provide increased visibility and communication. Their ultimate goal was to integrate marketing, sales and development aspects of their global organization to take advantage of opportunities and build loyal customer relationships.

Bemis did their research and after evaluating several CRM solutions, including Salesforce and OnContact, they chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (now known as Microsoft Dynamics 365). Their decision was based on Dynamics’ compatibility and integration with other Microsoft products. This provides a familiar framework for team members around the world, and the online option is ideal for global accessibility and scalability in the face of rapid growth. Bemis was also impressed with the multi-language and multi-currency capability, which is necessary in an international operation.

Working with the CRM experts at AKA Enterprise Solutions, the team at Bemis was able to re-engineer and optimize their business processes and achieve their goals which included:

  • They now have detailed tracking to help team members visualize the connections between customer, factory and brand. This is especially important as a single factory might be processing orders for several customers and numerous brands.
  • Sales and development teams around the globe are now able to track test products for numerous brands. Knowing what is coming next allows the sales team to contact customers proactively to ensure samples are tested, results delivered, and initial orders entered into the opportunity pipeline.
  • Trade show leads are now prioritized and assigned automatically. Identification of potential customers and initial requests for custom samples is now handled in a portal interface.
  • ClickDimensions was integrated right into Dynamics CRM in order to streamline marketing
  • Having access to the same data, teams work together more efficiently and effectively and a fully automated sales pipeline assures that opportunities are not overlooked.
  • As they had intended, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online increased transparency, collaboration and communication throughout the global organization.


Bemis Associates - manufacturer of next-generation adhesives Read more about Bemis Associates and their positive experience with AKA Enterprises Solutions and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.  Contact our team at AKA Enterprise Solutions to discuss how your organization can optimize your business processes and communication with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

By AKA Enterprises Solutions

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